When science and play merge.

Then the magic can happen!


Playing with science.


23plusone is a scientific method to create connection and stimulate positive action. It influences behaviour, both in business and private life, based on positive motivations.

It bridges individual and collective drives. It stimulates organisations to grow based on common values. Not just the leadership team, but all people inside (and outside) the organisation can be involved in positive transformation. 

Intuitively and subconsciously people pursue happiness in life by following 24 fundamental drives, such as friendship, curiosity, winning, health and sexuality. 

Touching people in the full spectrum of these drives evokes happy feelings, a sense of belonging and drives behaviour.


What we stand for.


Playful power to transform
In a playful and active way we stimulate people to keep it simple and act on the things that really matter in life. We use 23plusone as our emotive language to make people aware, open up and connect meaningfully. So that people engage themselves into change and feel empowered. Positive behaviour is the most powerful way to break away from business as usual.

Viral Energy
We inspire by example. We feel alive and kicking, radiating contagious energy that stimulates people and organisations to join our quest. Always embracing progress and using new ways to connect and mobilize people. We want to touch people. And we know that the most attractive ideas make them feel full of drive.

Impact for an attractive world
We believe that people and organisations need to transform to jointly create a more sustainable and positive future. We pursue a future where wealth and opportunities are more equally spread and where it is recognised that success is not realised through accumulation of power and possession. It originates from happy people making a happy living.

The 23plusone method is part of BR-ND, a Certified B Corporation®. As such 23plusone meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Collectively, B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good tm. Through the power of their collective voice, one day all companies will compete to be best for the world tm, and society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity for all.

Inspired by 23plusone to create impact.