Happy to meet you. I am inventor, entrepreneur and co-creator of 23plusone. Back in 2006, with my partner Kim Cramer, we got the idea to create attractive brands and organisations based on positive feelings. This started the development of a science based method taking human drives as a starting point. Meanwhile, we founded several businesses based on 23plusone.  

BR-ND | Emotive Transformers

BR-ND is an Amsterdam-based boutique firm specialised in emotive branding. We support clients with organisation and branding strategies. Such strategies foremost aim at connecting people emotionally and by doing so, they promote positive behavior leading to success. BR-ND creates happy relationships between client and their stakeholders through all our services, including purpose, culture, values, strategy and brand creation. We believe that only happy and inspired people can make organisations successful.

EMOTOME | Emotive Transformers

Emotome spreads happiness within organisations by creating a dialogue about happiness. With the use of social techniques, positive and contagious actions are embedded in the day to day practice. We love to discover new and better ways to boost peoples happiness. We believe the basis for this is simply being open for others and discuss things that make you happy together. Together it’s more fun to explore possibilities in- and outside of comfort zones. We want to touch and inspire people by being authentic, playful and energetic. Everything we create is attractive and sometimes even provocative.

23PLUSONE | Licensed Friends

23plusone Friends is an international network of likeminded professionals. All Friends are trained and licensed practitioners of 23plusone. Together they bring people in motion by taking positive human drives as a starting point.

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