Proud to be a B Corp

23plusone is developed by BR-ND, a certified B Corp. 23plusone Friends believe that business becomes more meaningful by making a real connection with all the people involved. We use the 23plusone method to make people connect on the things that matter in life.

Business as a force for good
Individually, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

It must and can be different
B Corporations believe that business needs to change. More human, fairer and more responsible. Making money is fine, but in a way that offers opportunities to everyone, and in which we deal with our environment in a responsible manner.

Transformation towards a sustainable and circular economy
In 2018 there will be a growing community of more than 2500 certified B Corporations from 50 countries and more than 130 industries that work together to achieve one common goal: redefine the success of companies.

For more information, visit the B Corp site.