BrandBeing is a verbal identity company. In close cooperation with our clients we explore and help define the very essence and identity of your organization, brands, concepts, services and products. To shape language, craft words and create names that truly resonate with all relevant audiences in a meaningful, appealing and engaging way.

We are passionate and highly experienced experts in verbal identity, brand profiling, brand language, stories and naming, as an integral part of the mental and visual identity of companies, organizations and brands.

Our home base is in a floating office building in an old harbour area of Amsterdam. From this inspiring hotspot we work with an international network of language and identity professionals to help you build and support your verbal identity both locally and across the globe. 

Areas of expertise:

Definition of your brand’s identity
Brand stories & language
Organization, company, brand and product naming
Brand portfolio & architecture
Target group research & expert checks
Integration of verbal & visual identity

For more information please contact:

BrandBeing bv
Haparandadam 7 - Studio B7
1013AK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 845 888 7
+31 (0)6 23 34 32 64