Frederik Melchior

In short - what do you do?
What I would love to do most is work that meets two criteria: water and education. Water can be as broad as you like, cruising the canals, teaching wind surfing classes, being outside surrounded by water. And education can be anything that has to do with teaching and training. So, anything I work on has to do with at least one of these two criteria, but a combination of the two

And in your work: what are you most proud of? 
Whether it is presentation sessions, storytelling workshops or surf classes. It always has something to do with grounding, and when that happens you can see people change in their energy and dynamics. When that happens, you can sense that they’re no longer in their heads but in their hearts, their feelings. They’ve turned on. That’s what makes me most proud.

What do you think about pineapple on pizza?
I love pineapple. I love pizza. But not together.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? 
More tolerance in regard to anything which - at first glance - seems ‘different’. “Unknown, unloved” should be “unknown, so loved!”. It has to do with emancipation. We’re always talking about emancipation of minority’s, but minority’s don’t need to ‘emancipate’. Homosexuals don’t need to emancipate, women don’t need to emancipate. The ‘tolerance’ is that of the majority that ‘tolerates’ that there are homosexuals. So the emancipation should happen on the other side. The majority has to turn the switch, not every individual minority group member. The center of gravity of emancipation is on the wrong side, and in that discussion I think the majority should play a more active and positive role by judging and labeling behaviour less.


Who was your childhood idol?
Robbie Naish. Then, and now still. Robbie Nash has been at the top of global wind surfing for forty years. He’s been at the top of the game since he was a teenager, kept up with all technological advances and still leads the way in new ones. He’s always on. He never strayed from wind surfing. If you made him do something else, I get the feeling he’d be dead in two weeks.


Are you almost there?
Well, actually. That’s what I’m doing now by setting my two demands for things I work on. I can finally say: this is my on-button. So I’ll only go for things that get me going, instead of trying to fill up my entire market stall with things I might not be able to do because somebody might want to use that skill or buy it from me. These days, there’s only one thing in my stall. It’s the difference between a messy shopping window and the shopping window at the Bijenkorf on the Dam (in Amsterdam).

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I need some inspiration. What is your idea of an ideal or most romantic date? 
Sunset, dusk, Fiat 500, sunroof down. We’re driving on Ibiza with lounge music playing, from the house where we’re sleeping (nice hacienda) to a restaurant by the coast somewhere, to have dinner. The tour from that hacienda, through the mountains, to the beach, with the warmth coming into the little car through the sunroof, and the Ibiza lounge music playing in the background. That’s the most romantic image I can come up with. (Please note, this is still on the mountain road, not by the beac yet. So, the observant viewer notes that Frederik is not yet by the water at this point.)