I start fires and open eyes. ‘Digital’ is my playingfield and my expertise.
That means I understand business, design, content and technology.
And how to bring them together in an agile manner.


Back in 1994 I felt Internet was going to be BIG.
I predicted it would have a huge impact on communication.
Between people and organizations. And boy was I right.
Welcome to the digital age. After predicting the future I acted upon it.
In 1995 I founded a digital agency, Metrovision.
From the start our projects and services are based on three pillars.
These pillars are: content, design & technology.
That’s also when we realized that classic projectmanagement frameworks were unsuitable.
So we invented alternatives, which today are called agile.


Since 2015 I am also a strategist at WeAreBold.
There I ask the bold questions and give bold advice.
Resulting in innovative strategies, often but not always with a strong digital component.
In order to do that I work with agile tools like Business Model Canvas and Strategic Communication Frame,
to visualize the clients business.
But I also use 23plusone.


As strategist I like to ask ‘Why’ a lot, I have to.
But as Simon Sinek pointed out so eloquently, the part of the brain where your 'Why' lives, is not the part where language is formed. One might even argue that any real 'Why' comes from the heart. That’s why I love 23plusone so much. 23plusone is a science based method to identify what drives people in organizations, but in a playful and intuitive way. It’s not about words, but visuals and what they represent to you.

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