Blazien de Looff

In about two sentences - what do you do?
I mediate between Zealandics (Zeeuws) potential or potentially Zealandics (potentieel Zeeuwen) and companies in Zeeland (The Netherlands). So these are jobs for higher educated individuals within SMEs.

And in your work: what are you most proud of? 
That I help people find their work happiness in the sense that they figure out what it is they are looking for exactly. Do they have to say goodbye to their old work or can they find satisfaction by doing the same thing in a different setting? It doesn’t always work out, but very often it does, actually.

What do you think about pineapple on pizza?
Not my favourite, but it is my daughter’s favourite. So, we eat Pizza Kaatje, which is a pizza with mozzarella and pineapple. But if you ask me, I like it a little more spicy, so with green peppers for instance.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? 
To make all people happy with just the little things in life.


Who was your childhood idol? Are you (almost) there?
Madonna, of course! I thought she was an amazing dancer. Looking back, she’s probably been play backing for most of her life, but I loved the way she and her backup dancers danced.

I’d need some more training to be able to do all of these things at her age still. But to be honest, I’m not so sure about it now that we’ve seen the Songfestival.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I need some inspiration. What is your idea of an ideal or most romantic date? 
Going for a nice dinner as if you are on a first date, all dressed up. Truthfully, I love it when he’s a bit of a charmer and he holds the door for me and such. Thumbs up for corny!