Leo Rietbergen

In about two sentences or less - what do you do?
I’m a Microsoft dynamics365 CRM specialist - I’m a functional consultant, not a technical consultant. I know how you should do things but I’d rather tell you what you should do. A mechanic can repair your car and I’m more of a driver: I know something about the engine but I’ll mostly help you with driving.

And in your work: what are you most proud of? 
When I manage to transfer my enthusiasm for the trade. I somehow manage to make people who hate it or overlook it enthusiastic in the end.

What do you think about pineapple on pizza?
I don’t think people should have (to have) an opinion about that.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? 
Egoism. People are too egoistic and there’s note enough “sense of we”. Within the 23plusone-network, that’s a lot more present. But they are exceptions to the rule.

Who was your childhood idol? Are you (almost) there?
I think an idol is a negative thing, like someone else is better. I have examples I find inspirational. They do good and inspire a sense of “we” in people. Dalai Lama is a nice example to have. He does good. Ghandi, he does good. I think Mandela was somehow commercialised and became an idol. 

How I relate to those examples?. The best moments are always shared moments. So it’s simple, you should share as much as possible with others. The more you share, the more you are ‘we’, and I always try to bring that into what I do.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I need some inspiration. What is your idea of an ideal or most romantic date? 
Everybody should have his own answer to this question. For me, it would be being together on some deserted island. No worries, nobody around us, doing whatever we want. Just being together for a day. I don’t really feel the need to be among so many people. I mean, it could be in New York, but then at some point you’d retreat to your hotel room and simply shut the noisy outside world out and you’d just be together. But if you’d do that, you’d rather have something nice around you like the sea and a beach. So, being together but with due peace and quiet.