Nanda Idink

In about two sentences, what do you do?
I’m Communication Architect and I help companies with their marcom strategy and execution. What’s very important is that people feel at home, both the employees and the customers. Also, a brand needs to be sincere - do what you say, that is essential to the customer experience. As a metaphor I use a house: a strong brand is built with the right foundation and the best fitting building blocks. With this model, I help to build a home for a brand.

And in your work: what are you most proud of? 
I’m most proud of the projects where we work together and are able to change the mentality of the company into positive thinking and truly client focused. This way the most beautiful elements of a company are revealed and shared with the external world, not just products and specs.

What do you think about pineapple on pizza?
I don’t like it, but it’s my husband’s favourite pizza. I think people who order pineapple on their pizza prefer not to share. I personally like sharing pizza and eating different types of pizza.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? 
Jeez. That we - in the Western world - realise how well off we are, and that we take the time to think about things we can do to improve other people’s lives, whether it is in terms of health, food, happiness or anything else that makes a difference.


Who was your childhood idol? Are you (almost) there?
David Bowie, as a singer but also as a person, really. What he stood for. He created a movement in a world where everybody was more or less treading on the beaten path. Somebody who dared going his own way, resulting in people appreciating him for that.

I like straying from the beaten path a little myself, but I’m not someone who prefers to stand too much out in terms of eccentricity, at least not even close to the level that Bowie did. 


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I need some inspiration. What is your idea of an ideal or most romantic date? 
Somebody who really listens and asks questions that matter, so that you immediately enter a conversation at a different level. Interest, humour of course, but mostly just a good conversation. And a twinkle in their eyes. It also has to do with a feeling and an atmosphere. Someone who makes you feel at home.