Rieneke van de Laar

Do what you are good at and use those talents to the benefit of others!

This is a way of thinking that suits me very much. Over the last 15 years, I have used my marketing communication talents in various ways to help others. And I have worked with companies that want to make the world more beautiful. I also clearly saw and felt the result. For example, during various mission trips for Cordaid to slums, prisons and garbage riots. Or during talks with fishermen after the horrific tsunami in Asia in 2004. And during various sporting events where young talents and golden top athletes flourished, I saw the social power of sport. Each time with communication and storytelling at the base.

Communication is a wonderful field. It's about emotion, timing, creativity and sensitivity. What does your audience want? What do you want to tell? I get a lots of energy from creative issues in the field of positioning and campaigns for brands and companies with high social relevance. Tell stories, on the cutting edge of commerce and emotion. And I'm highly committed and full with passion to create a world that is getting a bit better.

As of mid 2017 Rieneke is Community Chief of the 23plusone Friends and maintains relations, servicing, and drives growth of the network. 


Tel: +31648114956