23plusone Emotive Branding
Winter School

What’s it about

Interested in giving meaning to your brand in this social age? Want to play with the science of 23plusone? Love cool and innovative tools as much as we do?

Sign up for our Seasonal School. In a half day workshop, we will teach you about the basics of emotive branding, share our expertise and help you apply it to your practice.

This is for brand creatives, ceo's, cowboys, marketeers, students, communication specialists, coaches, hr professionals, werewolves, clowns, maestros, divas and everyone else interested in the basics of emotive branding. 

In this workshop you’ll…

Discover the science behind the 23plusone method

Be working on the emotive profile of a project of your choosing

Learn about our proven methods for transforming to a happy culture

Learn from other professionals in and outside your field

Have fun with awesome people!


About our hosts Kim van der Brugge and Carmen Phillips.

kim 23plusone

Kim van der Brugge

Some things may look beautiful, seduce and stimulate, but the content determines whether something is permanent or volatile. This has always played an important role in my work. I focus on strategic communication and copywriting. In addition to that, I think along about the course of a company. I make sure that organizations profile themselves with their own unique story that continues to fascinate. Pure and honest, with emotion. Not only for the outside, but also as a foundation to build upon.

kim carmen-01.png

Carmen Phillips

Why do you get up in the morning?

I coach and advise on purposeful leadership, helping managers and their teams create the best employee and customer experiences possible. Working closely with customers I use 23plusone, and journey mapping techniques to gain insight, and create awareness, and improve experiences where they matter most. Not by accident, but on purpose.



BR-ND Office | SPACES.
Vijzelstraat 68
1017HL Amsterdam


February 7th, 2019
13.00 - 18.00h
Drinks afterwards


€ 123,- exc. VAT
23plusone card set and drinks included