For more than eight years I worked in the sales & marketing department of Hewlett-Packard, based in Zagreb & Slovenia, split between the sales, marketing and business development departments. Next, I moved to the logistics and distribution industry working as the operations manager for one of the biggest Slovenian IT distributors, in charge of operational excellence and change management.

Today I am a consultant, trainer and coach, working on personal & business development projects and training using four preferred languages within my four areas of expertise.

Over the years I lived in London, Zagreb, Dubai and Bali. Lately I spend most of my time between Slovenia, Croatia & Italy.

My areas of expertise are: sales, communication, motivation & relationships.

I speak: English, Italian, Slovenian and Croatian.

And if you are interested in a little bit more:

For me, it all comes down to adding value… 
…to customers,
…to partners,
…to friends,
…to loved ones. 

In the last years I have been working with more than 2500+ individuals on their sales, communication, relationship & management skills and have helped organisations in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia & Albania achieve their personal, educational & business goals. The industries I have been manly working in include (but are not limited to) the banking sector, wholesale, tobacco industry, IT, publishing companies, production companies & hospitals as well as helping individuals improve their professional and/or personal relationships. 

I am passionate about people, happiness, communication & personal development, with the intention "to make my dent in the universe". 

My objective: overachieving customers’ expectations, having fun & putting a smile on your face.

T: +386 4 255 66 40
M: +386 51 32 89 62