Seasonal School.

Interested in giving meaning to your brand in this social age? Want to play with the science of 23plusone? Love cool and innovative tools as much as we do?

Sign up for our Seasonal School. In a half day workshop, we will teach you about the basics of emotive branding, share our expertise and help you apply it to your practice.

This is for brand creatives, ceo's, cowboys, marketeers, students, communication specialists, coaches, hr professionals, werewolves, clowns, maestros, divas and everyone else interested in the basics of emotive branding. 

Summer School - August 30th 2018
Autumn School - November 1st 2018

From 13.00 - 17.30 (drinks afterward)

30-08 Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam
01-11     Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam

€123,00 (ex VAT) incl. workshop materials, your set of 23plusone cards, finger foods & drinks

Advanced Class.

This is your opportunity to enroll in the 23plusone License Program. Our Advanced Class is your first step towards being a trained and certified Friend. 

In a full day workshop you'll work with real client cases. You'll learn how to identify the emotive core of an organization through research, how to engage employees and stakeholders, how to define a Brand Heart and how to stimulate positive behavior with Heart Beats.  All this in a friendly environment, facilitated by the inventors of 23plusone, Alexander Koene and Kim Cramer.  

When? To be confirmed

Where? BR-ND Office, Spaces, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam

Price? €246,00 (ex VAT) incl. workshop materials, your set of 23plusone cards, lunch & drinks.


If you have a question, just want to talk to us or find out more about 23plusone? Feel free to contact us!